Do you know how microcredit works in the Masai community?

Johanna Colas

There are no banks, no financial institutions, Maasai Women get together to discuss their current financial needs.

If a microcredit is granted by the community, it is recorded in the ledger they hold. As soon as the loan is repaid, the booklet is stamped, and the woman can request a new microcredit (see photo below).

To improve their situation, we decided to support the Pastoral Women’s Council organization, which includes more than 2,000 Maasai women from rural communities in the Arusha region of Tanzania (the poorest and most marginalized in Tanzanian society).

Thus, the project fits into the themes we have identified and will address the major challenges faced by the communities:

  • access to drinking water with the installation of three wells;
  • Creation of 20 microcredit groups, each composed of 30 women;
  • pasture restoration programs and development of sustainable agriculture.

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