Support the creation of micro-enterprises for vulnerable populations in developing countries through access to microcredit and non-financial support.

South Africa

According to the UNDP, 55% of the population lives on less than CHF 50 per month. Black women are particularly affected, with 47% living below the poverty line. The unemployment rate in South Africa is estimated to be 27%, with 34% affecting black women alone.

The Clothing Bank

200 vulnerable mothers have set up micro-enterprises giving them the opportunity to work their way out of poverty through a two-year training course. The training is provided by The Clothing Bank (TCB) at its new, partially self-financed branch in South Johannesburg.


Over 88 million of Vietnamese people (2010 census), 13 million still live in poverty and many are close to it. The reduction of poverty is declining, and inequalities are increasing, with deep pockets of poverty persisting.

Mekong Plus

In the Mekong Plus intervention areas in Southern Vietnam (3 provinces, 9 districts), 1,000 families living in extreme poverty are increasing their income in a sustainable way thanks to microcredit, scholarship, health and violence prevention programmes, so breaking the cycle of poverty for over 60,000 children.