Success is measured by 
the positive impact 
we can have.

The Foundation

Our mission

As we are aware that everything isn’t feasible and that our resources do not allow us to take care of every need, we have decided to focus on areas where we are most needed and where our actions can have a lasting impact. Therefore, our goal is to focus on specific areas where we can have a significant leverage effect.

Our vision

Concrete, responsible and measurable philanthropy to positively impact lives over the long term.

We aim to be active but not activist, and to have a professional approach.

Our engagement

You will find below the different themes as well as examples of projects supported by the foundation.

We seek to provide emergency and ad hoc assistance during an exceptional crisis or natural disaster.

We seek to provide access to formal/non-formal education and training courses to allow vulnerable populations to be more autonomous.

Support the creation of micro-enterprises for vulnerable populations in developing countries through access to microcredit and non-financial support.

We seek to encourage and/or help in the emergence of existing or innovative practices to support adults with ASD and their caregivers.

Latest News

You will find below the actuality of our foundation.