Wake up Café conference

Johanna Colas

We were honored to welcome Wake up Café to a conference on professional reintegration, we were moved by the testimonies of the director of the Wake up Café Association, Clotilde GILBERT, and two beneficiaries of the program who shared their experience with the association.

The speakers recounted their personal journeys with the program and how it helped them facilitate their transition back to an active life in society after their release from prison.

We were touched and impressed by these poignant testimonials that illustrate the transformative potential of this program. It made us aware of the challenges faced by prisoners following incarceration but also how initiatives like those led by Wake up Café can make a real difference.

Founded in 2014, Wake up Café is dedicated to supporting ex-prisoners who are motivated for sustainable reintegration without recidivism. The association offers full-time courses aimed at a complete rehabilitation of individuals through customized one-on-one support inside and outside prison.

We are proud to support Wake up Café through Next Philanthropic Foundation since April 2022.

Video in French but you can chose English subtitles

Cover photo credit: Wake up café

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