Humanitarian aid

We seek to provide emergency and ad hoc assistance during an exceptional crisis or natural disaster.



The military invasion of Ukraine has triggered a severe humanitarian crisis. Since the start of the Russian offensive, millions of Ukrainians have left their homes to flee urban combat zones and bombings. Some seek refuge in the country, and some prefer to leave it.

« Terre des hommes Lausanne »

Support towards mobile clinics to help Ukrainian refugees in Moldova by providing psychosocial and medical support as well as basic needs items.


The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation of thousands of people, especially those who were already in a precarious situation. These people – poorly protected self-employed people, poorly paid employees, homeless or undocumented people, etc. – were until then often invisible, as they flew under the radar of the authorities and did not appear in federal statistics, in particular because they did not claim their rights to social benefits. The situation is alarming: one in six people lives in poverty in Switzerland.

Foundation « Mère Sofia »

Extension of the Soup Kitchen’s lunchtime distribution hours and distribution of more than 23,000 meals, to be eaten in or taken away, for people in need in Lausanne.

Southeast Asia

The economic crisis triggered by COVID-19 is taking a toll on families in the region of Southeast Asia. Job losses and large-scale wage cuts have coincided with the loss of remittances from foreign workers and a drop in tourism. UNICEF prospects show that over the next six months, up to 120 million more children could be pushed into poverty and food insecurity, joining the 240 million already classified as poor.

Friends International

Helping to distribute 49,000 meals and 5,000 basic needs baskets to homeless children and to low-income families in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.