Many roads lead to the street

Johanna Colas

According to a study conducted by the DSD*, Cape Town’s agglomeration (South Africa) had 14,347 homeless people in 2020. For comparison, there were about 3,000 homeless people in Switzerland in the same year*. That’s almost five times less (nationwide) than in Cape Town alone.

Streetscapes, a project we have been supporting for over 6 months, aims to support the social reintegration of 180 homeless people from Cape Town and reduce social/racial inequalities.

They have implemented a holistic approach to help these vulnerable individuals. Their program includes access to housing, psychological support, a detoxification program and access to employment.

The initiative is also partly funded by the City of Cape Town and involves the support of 13 NGOs providing specific services to the homeless. We are delighted with the initial results of this ambitious project, which plays a crucial role in supporting homeless people.

Streetscapes already supports nearly one hundred beneficiaries and is continuing its commitment to the development of micro-enterprises. These businesses aim both at increasing organization revenue while providing job opportunities for beneficiaries.

*Department of Social Development South Africa
*According to Swiss Assistance for the Homeless

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