Interview with Hamida Aman, Radio Begum & Begum TV

Johanna Colas

Founded by the NGO Begum Organization for Women and supported by the Fondation Philanthropique Next. Radio Begum helps millions of Afghan women gain access to education and psychological support.

Before the project was supported by the foundation, Radio Begum reached over 665,000 people. Today, the estimated audience is close to 6 million.

The support from the foundation allowed us to launch 2 key initiatives: the Begum Academy and Begum TV.

  • The Begum Academy is a digital platform with over 8000 videos in two languages that cover the entire Afghan school curriculum in video format, to offer all subjects, sciences, mathematics, etc.
  • Begum TV is an educational satellite channel for Afghan women. This channel offers educational video courses that have been produced in advance, health programs, and psychological support. The advantage of a satellite TV channel is that it allows us to escape censorship and Taliban control, whereas on the ground, Radio Begum is completely subject to the regime’s constraints.

We are proud to support Begum Organization for Women since January 2023.

Below is the interview with Hamida Aman conducted at our recording studio.

Speaker: Hamida Aman
Interview conducted by: Johanna Colas
Assistant: Natalia Sakic
Video editing: Yves Colas

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